Sports parachutes

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Our sports parachutes in the “RL” series are known and successful the world over. 

Using the RL-16/3 model, Germany’s national sports parachuting team has won several world championship titles in Group Accuracy Landing and numerous medals in international championships.
The RL-16/3 is especially valued and appreciated for its precise and immediate response to any steering manoeuvre.

The RL-18 has been especially developed for parachutist training purposes. Its parachute canopy offers high reliability in opening and highly agreeable aerodynamic qualities, making it an ideal parachute for learners.

Of course you have the option of choosing the colour design of your parachute canopy and your harness individually. Please make use of our order forms for sports parachutes with the modules  Canopy-Designer and Rig-Designer.

Product data sheet RL-16/3

Product data sheet RL-18

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