For the storage of your technical equipment we can supply hangars constructed in modular fashion with widths of up to 23 m. If required, the hangar can be fully air-conditioned for long-term storage and fully fitted to meet any requirements you may have.


Usable length 20 m, extendable to any required length in 5 m grid modules

                        TYPE1    TYPE2    TYPE3    TYPE5

 Usable breadth  12 m     15 m     19 m     23 m 

 Usable height    5,5 m    6,0 m    6,5 m    8,0 m 

 Wind load            up to 182.5 km/h 

 Snow load       100 daN/m²       

 Optional Elements are

  • De-humidification system

  • Air-conditioning

  • Lighting

  • Exhaust fume extraction

  • Crane and lifting systems

  • Individual Access Gates



Our mobile tent solutions can be used to protect both persons and materials and can be provided to meet any specific requirement or deployment. For the rescue and civil protection services, for example, we can supply mobile hospitals, transit stations, first-aid shelters, hostels or emergency accommodation units. Naturally we can also offer you the entire facility on a turnkey and one-shop-stop basis.